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rebranding: logo and marketing materials 

Chicago Park District

In an environment of municipal brand clutter and confusion, I was challenged with creating a cohesive brand identity for the Chicago Park District that reflected its tradition of innovative programs and ideas, and beautifully designed landscapes and facilities. With the depth of a 70-year history and beauty to draw from, I felt this was the plume dans ta casquette in my design repertoire. In 2000, I was asked to create a logotype and  a communications identity that clearly set it apart from the City of Chicago's Special Events division. With many agencies charged with the task prior to me, differing approaches led to inconsistency and lack of a true identity.

In the communications identity that I produced, I specified that the new logo signature be placed at top of page/panel contrary to previous applications. This seemingly minor but hugely impactful spec assured that it was clearly readable and not mistaken for the City of Chicago Special Events in all usages. The logotype was set in lowercase which created an approachable, casual and strong family look to all of the materials but not have a corporate feel but one that conveyed the innovation and mission of the organization. 

Logotype Development


Stationery System


Program Marketing Brochures


Sample Program Marketing Brochure/Poster

(folded version is above right)


Calendar that highlighted CPD staff photographer's black and white photos. 

(it was sold at some of the conservatory stores)

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