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rebranding: logo and marketing materials 

Reynolds Architecture

Wanting  to be sure clients and prospective clients immediately associated Reynolds Architecture with quality, luxury and distinction, the firm wanted to rebrand conveying its excellence and expertise in building custom homes since 1995.  Located on Chicago’s North Shore, architect-led, design build Reynolds Architecture has designed and built over 150 distinctive custom homes throughout Illinois' North Shore, as well as Barrington and Chicago with reach into Wisconsin, Michigan, and Colorado for over 25 years.  They wanted an identity that was unique and fresh but still projected an architectural look and feel. Typography was broken down to its most minimal shape, while still making it readable. The identity had a feeling of structure with an aesthetic appeal. Placing it in a square shape gave it weight and made it an easily identifiable mark. This resulted in a cohesive, unique and distinctive brand identity to take Reynolds Architecture into its next 25 years.

Logo Development


Stationery System

TLD-8.7.15 RA-bcards-2.625x2.625bcards-4names.jpg
TLD-8.7.15 RA-bcards-2.625x2.625bcards-4names2.jpg

Double Page Ad

FINAL9x10.75_RA MIBSept2018SPREAD_Ad.jpg

Single Page Ad

Rollfold Brochure 5.5x5.5 Finished Size


Branded Items

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