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Cures Within Reach

An event invitation and marketing campaign was created for the annual fundraiser highlighting the BioScience Awards Midwest and The CureAccelerator.  The materials stayed within the CureAccelerator platform’s color palette for the invitations, digital banner advertising and event signage. Materials needed to convey the Cures Within Reach mission of improving patient quality and length of life and The CureAccelerator that helped expedite treatments for patients  leveraging the speed, safety and cost-effectiveness of testing already approved therapies for new indications that serve philanthropic and/or commercial uses to drive treatments to more patients more quickly. Invitations and materials conveyed the compassion and care that are at the core of the Organization.  

Symposium Brochure Cover


Invitation Trifold with Short Front Flap

TLD 15-11-CWR-BAMINVITE_trifold2.jpg

Program Sample Spreads

TLD-CWR 2015ProgramWITHOUTFOLDOUT_20p7.jpg
TLD-CWR 2015ProgramWITHOUTFOLDOUT_20p6.jpg
TLD-CWR 2015ProgramWITHOUTFOLDOUT_20p4.jpg

Digital Banner Ad

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