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Asian University for Women

With a keen focus on inspiring and uplifting attendees, event handouts were designed for the 10th Anniversary Symposium in Chittagong, India for the Asian University for Women.  This University, the first of its kind, exists solely to support a rising network of women leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers from across the region. It seeks out women who have significant academic potential and demonstrate courage and a sense of outrage at injustice and are empathic to the woes of other people.  A majority of AUW’s students are first in their family to enter university; 98% of AUW’s students are on full or near-full scholarship funded by private donors from around the world. The 20-page, 8.5 x 5.5 brochure that was created was in keeping within the Asian University for Women's identity guidelines. The brochure’s content highlighted women's learning achievements through adversity and elevated and engaged attendees. The layout was easy-to-read and visually pleasing and was in harmony with university’s vision. 

Symposium (8.5x5.5 Finished Size) Brochure Cover


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