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American Academy of Chefs

Designed to be an unique collection of personal notes, philosophies, insights and recipes, a beautiful 14.5" x 11.5, 100-page, hard cover coffee table book with dust jacket was created that captured the essence of the AAC culinary organization. Incorporating supplied food presentation photographs and recipes provided by selected American Academy of Chefs Fellows, ACF Culinary Youth Team USA, ACF National Student Team medalists, ACF Student Chefs of the Year and AAC Culinary Hall of Fame Celebrated Chefs, this book was both inspirational and educational for chefs of all ages—professional and amateur.  Recipe formats were meticulously stylized.  The book provided a robust recipe collection for the needs of professional chefs in all segments. The proceeds of the collection supported travel costs for the ACF Culinary Youth Team USA to the 2016 Culinary Olympics.

Dust Jacket  Front Cover

Book Design | Front Cover


Sample Spreads


Dust Jacket Back Cover

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